How to dry and find a good relief?

How to dry and find a good relief

Ideal body shapes are the dream of any girl, but nature has endowed not every representative of the fair sex with a beautiful figure. Many suffer from overweight, not knowing that there is a wonderful way to get rid of it. A technique called body drying is an unusual weight loss, and a decrease in the percentage of subcutaneous fat. The process includes a set of activities that must be carried out strictly according to the scheme.

In order to dry properly, and most importantly, you need to choose a competent training plan. With regular study of problem areas, you can dry the body, while maintaining muscle mass in sufficient volume.

All athletes periodically dry the body, achieving ideal forms, but it is important not to overdo it with cardinal changes and stop the process in time. If you follow the methodology, without departing from the recommendations, any girl will be able to dry her body at home.

It should be noted that not everyone needs to dry. Before starting this long process, it is recommended to study the reviews of athletes who know exactly how to dry the body of excess fat.

What is body drying at home

Drying the body is a lengthy process involving the observance of certain rules. It is aimed at burning body fat and maintaining muscle mass in full.

The relief body of the athlete

The world’s first bodybuilders, athletes and models began to dry their bodies. By the nature of their professional activity, it is important for these people to have a beautiful and slender body. Now, drying the body is used by everyone who wants to get fit forms.

In the process of removing fat, drying of the muscles should be avoided. On the contrary, muscle mass should increase, forming a beautiful relief. But if a person has not previously been engaged in active sports exercises, the effect of body relief will not be. Remember that it is impossible to dry effectively in a week. The drying period is at least 10 weeks, depending on the amount of fat that you want to get rid of.

Drying the body of an adult and adolescents is slightly different in terms of physical activity and diet. For a growing organism, it is important not to exhaust yourself with excessive training and eat quality products in a balanced volume. Parents should clearly understand what muscle drying is and how it can affect the health of a teenager. Having thoroughly studied the question of what is drying and how to dry properly, you can begin to implement a long process.

Process components

Proper body drying is based on three pillars:

  • adherence to a special diet;
  • regular exercise;
  • the use of auxiliary drugs.
Diet and drying aids

To dry the body at home, it is recommended to create a suitable menu and training regimen for yourself. In addition, you need to choose a drug that will help to dry out. By following the recommendations, everyone can make drying the body effective. To begin to dry, it is important to follow the rules of special nutrition.

About the rules of nutrition during drying

The first rule that should not be neglected to maintain health is a ban on the complete rejection of food. Girls mistakenly believe that in order to dry and improve body shape, you need to starve. But this is an absolutely wrong position. Refusing food will not help dry the body and achieve beautiful forms, but will lead to the development of diseases. To carry out the process of drying the body without harm to health, it is important to rebuild the diet to get the maximum amount of nutrients.

The body should not lack the necessary components; in parallel, the processes of processing fat reserves into energy should be launched. If a girl needs to quickly dry her body from excess fat, it is necessary to gradually remove carbohydrate-containing products from the menu and increase the amount of protein. In no case should you completely refuse fat. They should be present in the diet, but in small quantities.

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It is important to follow the basic rules of a special diet:

Take carbohydrates while drying
  • eat food in small portions at least 6 times a day;
  • use carbohydrate foods in the morning no later than 14:00;
  • a new diet should be moved gradually, the same rule applies to getting out of it.

To prepare the body for a new way of eating, you need to know that this period is divided into two stages:

  • the first is preparatory, lasts from 4 to 6 weeks;
  • the second is the direct drying step, lasts from two weeks to achieve the desired effect.

At first, the diet should include: 60% protein, 20% fat and 20% carbohydrates, which are gradually reduced in favor of protein foods. For example, if the girl’s weight is 60 kg, the amount of protein per day that she should consume is 100 grams. In the second period, carbohydrates are completely excluded from the diet and the maximum volume of proteins increases.

In percentage terms, the volume of each component of nutrition should be as follows:

  • protein food – 80% of the total diet;
  • fats – 20%;
  • carbohydrates – 0%.
Refusal of flour during drying

It is important during this period to abandon flour and sweets. It is forbidden to eat white bread, sweet vegetables and fruits. You should not get involved in salty foods, as it contributes to the retention of water in the body.

Additional drugs

The assortment of special preparations for burning fat contains many items, but it is not recommended to engage in self-selection of funds. The choice of a fat burner is best discussed with a fitness trainer. Given that drying already involves getting rid of the fat layer, it is quite possible to do without these drugs.

To quickly dry the body, you must take the following complexes:

  • vitamin and mineral;
  • amino acid;
  • protein.

The components that make up the complex additives will help to avoid metabolic disorders, problems with the skin, hair, eyesight. Protein and amino acids, taken additionally, will eliminate the destruction of muscle tissue.

Trying to dry the body of fat quickly, do not forget about the necessary sports loads. Only an integrated approach will help achieve this goal. Some do not understand why dry the body and prefer a regular diet. It is necessary to realize that a diet, unlike competently carried out drying, will not allow to achieve a beautiful body shape.

Dry Training Mode

Dry Training Mode

Correct and effective drying of the body always includes sports activities. But there is no standard scheme that applies to absolutely everyone. The training regimen is always compiled individually, taking into account the physical data of the person.

There are only general typical recommendations that must be followed by anyone who wants to dry their body:

  • The training plan should include strength exercises;
  • aerobics classes should not be carried out until exhaustion;
  • Any workout must begin with a warm-up.

Drying the body is done on the basis of optimal physical exertion, but working in the gym before losing strength is not worth it. When a person removes excess fat from the body, he must develop muscle mass, but within reasonable limits. Do not forget that proper nutrition and optimal physical activity will help to dry evenly and create a beautiful relief for women.

Body drying for men

This technique is actively used not only by women. Men also successfully use it to obtain a beautiful body with pronounced relief.

Not everyone knows how to dry muscles. Guys believe that active exercise in the gym is enough to build muscle. However, this is a false belief. Drying involves fighting excess fat, not muscle. This means that as long as the drying takes, it is necessary to follow a special diet.

Nutrition and the intake of the necessary components in the body are decisive factors in the process of combating excess fat. As in the case of women’s drying, men’s involves the exclusion of carbohydrates from the diet and an increase in the amount of protein food. But to start eating according to such a scheme without appropriate preparation is dangerous to health.

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It will take more than one month to dry and acquire a beautiful body. Athletes claim that you need to dry as much as the body requires. Due to the characteristics of metabolism, some achieve the desired result after 3 months. Others need five or more months to completely burn fat. Remember that drying the body in order to lose weight is not entirely true. Drying the body is done to reduce fat and increase muscle mass.

Training program for men

Biceps Bench Press

Training is recommended in the gym using suitable sports equipment. If you have special devices at home, you can not attend the simulator, but work on yourself.

One of the most effective programs is considered to be circular. The exercises included in this plan are carried out one after another with an interval of no more than three seconds. A break between circles is two minutes.

Circular training program

Thrust block to the belt (performed 12-15 times) Take the starting position while sitting on the simulator with wrist straps while holding the handle. Hands should be held parallel to each other. Pull the handles toward you, keeping your back straight. As soon as the elbows go beyond the torso, take your shoulders back, moving the shoulder blades as much as possible. Exhale and return your hands to the starting position.
Push ups (12-15 times)To perform the required rod:   Lie back on a bench. Remove the bar from the mount with both hands. Squeeze the bar up until the elbow joints are completely fixed. Place your legs on the surface of the floor, firmly press the buttocks against the bench.
Push-ups on a special simulator Having settled down on the simulator in a reclining position, set your feet on a special platform. To begin to dry, it is recommended to press at an angle of 45º. Push your feet off the platform and return to the starting position. Repeat 12 * 15 times.
Bending the legs in the machine Take the starting position lying on your stomach on the easel simulator. Place the foot rest slightly above the Achilles tendon, place your hands on the side arms. Bend your legs to a right angle to the floor. At the top point, pause for a second and return to the starting position. Repeat 10-12 times.
Bench press Put the barbell on your shoulders. Keep your back straight, not bending much lumbar. Raise the barbell above your head, locking at the top point for a few seconds. Return to starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.
Biceps Barbell Lifting We occupy the starting position while standing, feet shoulder width apart. Hands grab the bar. Keep your back straight. Raise the bar, bending the arms at the elbows. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
Extending your arms with the top block We take a position standing near the simulator. Feet shoulder width apart, arms bent at the elbows and clasp the handle of the upper block. We lower our hands down to the stop and return to the starting position. Repeat 12-15 times.
Bench press

Provided that the proposed exercises are completed every other day, the drying of the body will last 6-8 weeks and will pass with maximum efficiency.

Diet and menus for men

In order to dry, you need to adjust the diet. When dried in the body, a large amount of subcutaneous fat is broken down. But this process is complex, requiring large expenditures of energy.

To provide the necessary amount of energy, a person who sits on a dryer should eat a little differently than usual. During this period, you need to abandon foods that contain carbohydrates.

List of allowed and prohibited foods

Allowed ProductsProhibited Products
meat brothsbread
mineral watersweets
boiled seafoodbutter baking
boiled eggssalt
milk productspotatoes
chicken, rabbit, turkey, vealpork
rice and buckwheatall kinds of sauces
cabbagebeets, carrots
radishhard and processed cheese
green peppersugar
greens, citrussweet carbonated drinks
zucchinifast food
Allowed and prohibited foods during drying

Before you sit down to dry, it is recommended to conduct an audit in your own kitchen. Ideally, only foods used during the drying period should remain at home. It is better to get rid of food from the forbidden list in advance so as not to create unnecessary temptations.

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The daily menu for drying can be as follows:

  • for breakfast: one banana, oatmeal on the water and a glass of green tea;
  • as a snack between breakfast and lunch, a kefir drink with the addition of low-fat cottage cheese and cinnamon is recommended;
  • for lunch: 200 g of boiled beef and vegetable soup puree without carrots and potatoes;
  • as an afternoon snack it is allowed to eat 150 g of boiled chicken and grapefruit;
  • for dinner, 200 g of white baked fish with vegetable salad without adding oil is recommended.

The menu is made up of allowed foods at your own discretion, adjusted for the gradual increase in protein foods in your daily diet. Read more about the right menu for men who are drying:

Body drying for girls at home

Many girls have heard about this method of losing weight. This is an effective technique, but it cannot be used without indications and consultation with a specialist. With the wrong approach, you can cause significant harm to women’s health.

Consultation with a doctor before drying

To dry properly and efficiently, girls need to know the nuances of this technique to lose weight. You can learn more about power and mode during drying from the video.

It is important to know that a girl cannot dry herself without following the recommendations of professionals. This is a comprehensive event, which involves making adjustments to the daily regimen and nutrition. It is impossible to sit on the drying body without enhanced physical activity. This is a complex process that allows a girl to dry her hands, hips, buttocks and legs. By analogy with men’s weight loss, body drying for girls lasts at least 10 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to strictly observe the regime of the day, rest and nutrition.

To dry fat on the hips, face, hands and other parts of the body, the girl must be on a certain diet. Since during this period you have to limit yourself in many ways, it is important that after drying the body do not do anything that could destroy the results of losing weight. This means that you need to go out of the diet smoothly, gradually lowering the level of protein food.

Training program for girls

To dry from excess fat a girl, like a man, must regularly perform a set of physical exercises. But, given the characteristics of the female body, it is impossible to recommend a standard set of exercises. For girls in each case, trainers form an individual training plan.

Running while drying

There are general recommendations that must be observed in the process of drying the body for women:

  1. Training should begin with aerobics, which burns fat.
  2. After going through all the stages of drying, it is important to monitor the slightest changes that occur in the body.
  3. Two approaches of 10 repetitions of jump rope should be included in the training.
  4. As the main exercise, running outdoors is great. To get the effect you need to run at least 30 minutes a day.
  5. In addition to running, swimming, walking, team sports are recommended.
  6. Active classes are best done in the morning, when the body burns more fat.

To dry properly to reduce body weight and get a muscular relief, pay attention to the video, which shows the popular workouts for weight loss.

Diet and menu for girls

Diet for girls during drying

Drying the body, taking place at home, should be based on a special diet. The ration for effective fat burning includes protein-rich foods. This is the main building material for muscles, which means that there should be a lot of it on the menu.

The daily menu should include:

  • dairy products;
  • low-fat fish and seafood;
  • skinless chicken, turkey meat, beef;
  • apples, unsweetened fruits and berries;
  • chicken protein;
  • buckwheat, oatmeal and pearl barley porridge.

Smoked meats, fatty and fried foods are excluded. Pickles, canned foods, sweets are not recommended. Baking and white bread are prohibited.

To properly do the drying, the food must be steamed or boiled. In the diet you need to include greens and green vegetables.

To avoid the feeling of hunger, you need to divide all the food into 6 receptions. If this is not enough, you can make two additional snacks consisting of milk drinks and vegetables. For a quick drying effect, a girl against the background of a proper nutrition program needs to observe the appropriate drinking regimen. Every day you need to drink at least 3 liters of clean water. It is better to refuse coffee, because it removes moisture from the cells.

Dry Food

Daily meals during drying
BreakfastSteamed protein omelet, 1 grapefruit and a cup of green tea without sugar.
Snack between breakfast and lunch100 g of boiled turkey and 2 slices of whole grain bread.
DinnerBoiled chicken fillet with buckwheat, low-fat yogurt without sweeteners.
High tea100-150 g of dried fruit and 200 ml of protein shake.
Dinner150 g of boiled red fish and vegetable salad without oil.
Before bedtime150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and a tablespoon of blueberries.

What you should not forget about drying

Trying to get rid of excess fat, girls sit on a rigid diet or on drying. To get the desired effect, it is important to know what it means to dry the body.

Dry the body thoroughly, without missing important points. These include:

  • compliance with the diet;
  • sufficient clean water consumption of at least three liters per day;
  • good rest;
  • regular physical activity according to the training plan.
Compliance with the training regimen during drying

In this case, all components of the process are important. After changing the diet and increasing physical activity, many begin to experience stress. So that this factor does not lead to undesirable consequences, it is important to ensure a healthy 8-hour sleep.

To sit on the dryer correctly is to carefully prepare for it. During this period, it is necessary to try to avoid stressful situations, since any experience will lead to the accumulation of fat and the appearance of cellulite.

It is difficult for many to dry the body at home, since the process requires a strict diet, but it will not work in a different way. You need to try to limit yourself in the use of prohibited foods. To dry the body of excess fat, you need to exercise self-control.

It is important not to forget that drying is prohibited in the presence of diseases of the internal organs.

If there are any health complaints, consult a doctor before drying. To draw up an effective training plan, it is better to contact a fitness trainer who will take into account the characteristics of the body of this person.

Drying is an effective process that allows you to bring the body back to normal for 4-6 months. To maintain the weight that was obtained during drying, you must not forget about regular sports loads and diet.

Author: Christopher Harris