How to lose weight in the legs

How to lose weight in the legs

Slender and long legs for a long time registered in the list of canons of beauty. And if the first parameter can be changed visually using the length of the heel and other tricks invented by enterprising ladies, then to achieve the second one needs to literally sweat. To lose weight in the legs and hips, read this article.

Reasons Why Feet Get Well

Not always increased leg volume indicates an increase in weight. Sometimes jeans begin to sit tight because of puffiness. Check if this is so, you can use socks with tight elastic.

Walk around in them for several hours, then take off and see how long it takes for the legs to eliminate the trace of the gum. If it remains for a long time, then a lot of excess fluid has accumulated in your body.

If you do not have any pathologies, swelling should go away in the morning, provided that you will not eat salty or fatty foods at night, drinking it with plenty of water.

In general, the accumulation of extra pounds in the thighs and lower abdomen is due to nature: this is the area of ​​gestation. In this way, nature tries to save these places, carefully covering them with a fat layer.

Also, ears on the hips and extra pounds on the legs can appear due to a sedentary lifestyle and excessive love for sweets.

Is local weight loss possible in the legs

Train in legends

Typically, a diet takes kilograms from the body, starting from its upper part. If you decide not only to adjust the volume of the buttocks and legs mainly with the help of sports, but to lose weight, get ready for the fact that the first thing to lose weight will affect the chest and face. It’s impossible to fundamentally change the proportions, but it is possible to push fat burning in the area of ​​the legs with the help of a correctly selected set of exercises.

To localize weight loss in the right area, fitness trainers advise creating a greenhouse effect. To do this, before training, the legs are smeared with oil or composition and wrapped with a film.

To enhance the effect, put on sports leggings on top and proceed to the exercises. After class, take a contrast shower.

Slimming exercises

The first thing you should resort to is physical activity. To start the process of fat burning in the legs will help brisk walking and cardio workouts in the gym, jumping rope, cycling, swimming, dancing and special exercises.


Lie on the floor with your hands behind your head and slightly raising your shoulders. In this position, the lower back should be pressed to the floor.

Exercise "Bicycle"

Bend the raised legs at the knee joint, the hips should form a 45 ° angle with the floor.

Make foot movements that simulate pedaling. In this case, pull the body to the legs, trying to alternately touch the right elbow of the left knee, and then the left elbow of the right.

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Move smoothly, breathing freely. Keep in mind: the higher you raise your legs, the easier it is to complete the exercise. Therefore, gradually reduce the angle of inclination, increasing the load on the muscles: this way the legs lose weight faster.


An excellent exercise for lifting the buttocks if you want to lose weight in the legs. With proper squats, the thigh and lower leg should form an angle equal to 90 degrees, the knees remain at the same level with the feet.

Lower and rise smoothly, as if you are sitting on a chair. To enhance the effect, you can try squats with weights: dumbbells, kettlebell or barbell.

There are many types of similar exercises that distinguish the position of the arms and legs, depending on the choice of the zone being worked out.



An effective exercise, the regular implementation of which will help to lose weight in the legs and gain rounded buttocks. Exercise includes several muscle groups at once, and also improves coordination and blood circulation in the pelvic area. To perform the plie correctly, place your feet shoulder-width apart by spreading the socks to the sides by 120 degrees. Squat so that your lower leg remains straight and your hips form an angle of 90 degrees to the floor. In this case, keep your back straight, the press is in tension, and when lifting, the tension should also cover the muscles of the buttocks.


There are many kinds of swinging legs, and they all involve the muscle groups of the hips, buttocks, and abs. But with the help of different execution techniques, you can shift the voltage to one or another area. To strengthen, you can use the expander or weighting agents on the calves.

Consider several types of swings.

  1. Swing straight legs from a position, relying on the knee and elbow joints.
  2. Swing straight legs with emphasis on the feet in a vertical plane. Mahi from these positions are aimed at working out the biceps of the thigh and buttocks. Perform them quickly, doing 15-20 strokes with each leg, repeating 3-4 times. Exercise with this emphasis is contraindicated in people with leg health problems.
  3. Swing straight legs forward from a standing position.
  4. Swing to the side from several positions: standing, resting on the knee-elbow joints, lying on its side with support on the shoulder. These exercises tone the gluteus muscle, repeat them quickly, making 15-20 swing with each leg in 4-5 approaches.
  5. Swing to himself with a bent leg from an emphasis lying on the elbow joints. This option will tighten the inaccessible inner thigh. Repeat the swing 12-17 times in 3-4 sets.

Effective diets

Diet and water for weight loss

Diets that help to lose weight in the legs, like all diets, require the rejection of flour, fat and sweet. Focus on cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat, jacket potatoes, fruits, boiled chicken breasts. From drinks, choose green or black tea without sugar, milk or milk milk – a symbiosis of milk and green tea with honey. Drink at least two liters of still mineral water.

Diet to reduce leg and hips

In addition to slender legs, the diet will bring you an accelerated metabolism and improve liver function.

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From the diet you need to remove:

  • fatty, fried and smoked foods;
  • sweet in the form of food and drinks;
  • pastries from flour of the first and highest grade;
  • canned foods and alcoholic beverages.

Also, minimize the consumption of animal fats by focusing on vegetables, fruits and berries, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. To improve intestinal motility, eat raw vegetables before meals, and snack on fruits between main meals.

Fruit Snacks

The basis of the diet are:

  • low-fat fish, seafood and kelp;
  • lean meat and poultry;
  • different types of cold pressed vegetable oil;
  • skim milk products without sweeteners;
  • soy products;
  • eggs, honey, greens;
  • buckwheat and oatmeal, brown rice;
  • garlic, ginger, hot pepper.

Your menu should be formed in compliance with the proportional ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates – 30/30/40. For muscle growth, the amount of protein should not fall below 1 g per 1 kg of weight. The calorie content of the menu is 1200 kcal per day. All food is divided into five receptions: three main and two snacks. At least four hours should elapse between dinner and sleep. During the day we drink 1.5-2 liters of water.

Summer watermelon-melon diet

Watermelon-melon diet copes with the ears on the sides, helping to lose weight in the legs.

Watermelon and Melon Diet

A diet based on melons and watermelons implies that you will not only eat these two foods. Melon or watermelon is present in your diet 4-5 times a day in the amount of 2-2.5 kg (if we are talking about watermelon). In addition to them, add diet products to the menu to reduce the volume of the hips and legs, eat porridge for breakfast.

By the way, melon is better absorbed if you eat it before or after main dishes. Do not combine it with alcohol and dairy products. For a melon dessert, it is best to wait 20 minutes after dinner.

You can use the watermelon-melon diet as a mono diet for the day. But these products must be approached with caution. Diet is not recommended:

  • diabetics, since watermelon and melon are easily digestible carbohydrates;
  • with kidney problems, for example, with pyelonephritis or stones (products provoke their withdrawal, which can lead to renal colic);
  • with gastrointestinal diseases, caution should be exercised.

Additional methods

Powerful help in finding slender legs will be cosmetics, including all kinds of creams, body wraps, salt peels and baths with the addition of extracts of essential oils, massages, hardware salon procedures and Charcot’s showers.


You can use both salon services and self-massage, which will significantly save time and finances.

The brushing technique proved to be good – massage using a brush with a stiff bristle made of natural material.

Massage your legs in a circular motion, paying particular attention to problem areas for about 10 minutes. The procedure has anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage effects, it must be done every other day. It is best to take a brush after physical activity before showering, so that the effect is stronger. It will also be useful to take a course of anti-cellulite massage in the salon.


Wraps reduce not only the volume of the legs, but also the manifestation of cellulite, and also generally make the skin better. In search of the necessary ingredients, it’s enough to open the refrigerator: honey, mustard, chocolate and coffee will suit you.

Slimming Leg Wrap

For home wraps, use the following recipes:

  1. Dissolve mustard powder in warm water until the consistency of sour cream. Put the mixture on your feet, wrap with cling film and leave for 30-50 minutes.
  2. Mixtures based on honey and essential oils, natural ground coffee and blue clay are also suitable. Perform the procedures every other day with a course of 10-15 sessions.
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Wraps are contraindicated in the presence of injuries on the surface of the skin or hypersensitivity.


To workouts gave maximum results, you can perform exercises by wearing corrective underwear with the effect of a sauna, leggings with special impregnation. Such measures help to remove excess fluid from the tissues and break down fat cells, but this is not accurate)

Salon treatments

Among salon procedures aimed at improving the condition of the legs, the most effective are:

LPG massage
  1. Lymphatic drainage massage, ruthless to the orange peel. Massage is aimed at accelerating the flow of lymph, performed by hand or using a special apparatus-sleeve, in which the patient’s legs are placed. The procedure removes excess water, metabolic products and toxic substances from the body, removing fatigue and swelling of the legs, toning and smoothing the skin. Sometimes its result is weight loss in the legs up to five centimeters!
  2. Lipomassage or LPG massage. Similar to lymphatic drainage. The procedure is a massage in combination with skin absorption, which helps to break down fat cells and stimulate lymphatic flow. A special suit is put on the patient, put on the couch and connected to the equipment. After passing the hardware, the foot is massaged with a special device. LPG massage has earned fame as one of the most effective methods of combating cellulite, eliminating fatigue and swelling of the legs. Although the action will be noticeable after the first session, you will see the final result after completing a course of 10 visits.
  3. Sharko’s shower. During the procedure, a stream of water under powerful pressure acts on body fat. After several sessions, the changes will become noticeable: blood circulation will improve, tone will increase, muscles will relax.

All procedures have contraindications, which you need to familiarize yourself with before passing.

When to wait for the results

Weight loss result

Steadily following a diet, performing physical exercises, as well as using additional techniques will allow you to see the result after a couple of weeks, getting rid of 3-4 kg. But with a tendency to overweight, wide bones, reaching 40 years, to achieve the desired result will be somewhat more difficult.

Recommendations of specialists

The main recommendation of specialists is the correct alignment of forces.

You should not stick to a rigid mono-diet if you go to the gym in parallel. It will drain the body.

It is better not to set a goal to lose weight in a week, but to give yourself a month to achieve the result. The total period of weight loss depends on the number of extra pounds – the more excess weight, the longer it takes to get rid of it. If you are not obese, a moderate pace of weight loss is recommended: 0.5 – 1 kg per week.

Pay attention to proper exercise techniques to avoid injuries.

Author: Christopher Harris