How to strengthen muscles and get rid of back pain

How to strengthen muscles and get rid of back pain

The vertebral column and the musculoskeletal system as a whole are the basis of the foundations of the human body. Thanks to the skeleton, people can hold the body upright, and it’s also a kind of frame that protects internal organs. A tremendous load falls on the spine, and the lower back is the most vulnerable section. Already at a young age, pain occurs in this area. But simple exercises for the lower back can quickly demonstrate the effect and get rid of unpleasant phenomena.

In an elderly person, the back often hurts already from inevitable age-related changes. Due to upright posture, which causes an increased load on the spinal column, the vertebrae are deformed over many years of life. Painful sensations in the lower back in youth are the result of laziness and an improper lifestyle. Experience shows that simple gymnastics for the lumbar spine is enough to prevent lower back pain or get rid of them.

Unpleasant sensations arise due to a hypodynamic lifestyle. In the case of hypothermia, the situation worsens. Negatively affects the state of the sacral spine and excess weight. Unbalanced nutrition, excessive loads are also negative factors. But if you regularly perform exercises to strengthen the sacral spine, the likelihood of early development of pathologies and the appearance of pain is reduced. There is also gymnastics that will help relieve pain, with an attack, significantly relieving the condition.

How to strengthen the lumbar muscles

Perform exercises for the back

The skeleton of an adult consists of many bones – there are 206 of them in the body. In the lumbar region there are only five vertebrae, on which a tremendous load falls. Strengthening the lower back is necessary so that the muscles in the lower back form a powerful framework for supporting the spine.

The area from the middle of the body to the hip joint is the most vulnerable. Two factors influence it simultaneously. On the one hand, he needs to provide support for all the upper parts of the spine. On the other hand, the lower back is a kind of damper that dampens the momentum when pushing the legs away from the support, which happens when walking, running.

Ideally, taking care of weak back muscles, performing exercises to strengthen the lumbosacral, is necessary with a preventive purpose even before the appearance of discomfort, pain. But even if the spine is already signaling problems, training for the lower back will be beneficial. If you ignore the wake-up calls, this is fraught with serious consequences:

  • over time, structural irreversible changes in the intervertebral discs occur;
  • with limited motor activity and a weak back, protrusions and hernias are formed;
  • it is highly likely that deformation of the vertebrae will result in pinching of the spinal nerve roots.

Doctors prescribe a set of special exercises to strengthen the lumbar spine even with diseases of this part of the body. However, this should be a gentle therapeutic gymnastics, and you should not even think about the loads at the stage of therapy.

What muscles are working on

The anatomical structure of the muscular skeleton on the upper back of the body is quite complex. But just the lumbosacral region in this regard is poorly supported. In fact, muscles extending the spine lie along the lower back. But you need to work not only with them.

To strengthen the lower back, the lower part of the latissimus dorsi should be included. It is interesting that the press also refers to exercises for back pain: it is pumped to provide uniform support for the spine from all sides.

Also, to strengthen the lower back, it will be correct to work on the lower dentate muscles. They are located at the junction of the lumbar with the chest. In the case when there is a pathology or changes in the spine, a set of exercises to relieve lower back pain is formed by a doctor.

Benefits of Exercise

Pharmacology is ready to offer for a sick back and with discomfort in the spine a lot of creams, gels and tablets. They help relieve unpleasant symptoms. But if you do not train the muscles in the lower back, then the problem will not be solved: without exercise for the lumbar spine, the pain will come back again and again. And the worst thing is that the bone framework will continue to deform in this case, pathologies, age-related changes and diseases will be inevitable.

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It must be understood that without exertion and targeted strengthening, the muscles of the lower back will weaken. So over the years, the condition will only worsen. And vice versa – exercises help with back pain, gradually creating a reliable muscle frame. If you regularly engage in strengthening the muscles of the lower back with moderate physical exertion, soon such work will bear fruit:

When stretching and relaxing the muscles will decrease pain during physical exertion
  • when stretching and relaxing muscle fibers, pain disappears;
  • competent work on the muscles improves blood flow, which ensures proper nutrition of the vertebrae and discs;
  • with exercises on the lumbar muscle, the spine as a whole is strengthened, so that the person feels a general improvement in well-being;
  • due to the formation of the muscle corset, the physiological distance between the discs is restored, so that pinched nerve roots are released.

If the lower back hurts, it’s worth exercising after consulting a doctor. Especially when there are such alarming symptoms:

  • persistent pain that does not go away for weeks;
  • crunch in the lumbosacral during movements;
  • pain syndrome, which limits the mobility of a person;
  • discomfort, accompanied by dizziness, nausea and weakness.

When the condition is not so deplorable, you can pump the lower back yourself. However, charging for the lumbar spine should be performed with extreme caution. If the muscle corset is completely weak, it is better to start with gentle pumping.

Contraindications to gymnastics

Consultation with a doctor

Despite the fact that doctors recommend performing certain physical exercises even with lower back pain, this does not mean that you can safely give loads without consulting with specialists. In some cases, back exercises are contraindicated!

With severe constant pain in the lumbar region, it is necessary to consult a doctor: is training appropriate at all? Since it is prohibited in the presence of hernias or tumor formations! It is not recommended to do gymnastics for the back with lower back pain against the background of an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

If a person has recently been injured, he also does not need to rush to work on his lumbar muscles. Most often, doctors do not advise performing exercises for acute back pain, pronounced sensations in the lumbar region. The exception will be only special movements from the complex of therapeutic physical culture, which the patient is trained by a specialist in a medical institution. They help stop an attack of acute pain.

In case of renal diseases, the patient must also consult with a specialized doctor before proceeding with the training. With osteochondrosis of the spine, other pathologies of the skeletal system, they resort to exercises for pain in the sacrum and other unpleasant symptoms after a visit to the clinic.

Entry Level Exercises

With sedentary work, a sedentary lifestyle, you can very early feel discomfort in the lumbar. But as much as I would not like to start active training as soon as possible to strengthen my back, there is no need to rush to the gym! If you are already tormented by lower back pain, you will need first physiotherapy exercises. For example, you can perform the following simple exercises for the lower back:

  1. From a supine position with legs bent at the knees, raise the pelvis on inspiration. In the upper position, linger for a couple of seconds, while exhaling, lower.
  2. Lying on his stomach, arms stretch up above his head, legs straighten. Then, on inspiration, the upper and lower limbs are torn off the ground, raising them to a comfortable height. As you exhale, your arms and legs lower and relax.
  3. Standing straight, with hands clasped to the back of the castle, press on the lower back.
  4. Stand on tiptoe, stand there for a few seconds, go down on your feet completely.
  5. Sitting on a chair, wrap your arms around its edge, press the buttocks very tightly against the seat and sway so back and forth.

The simplest gymnastics for the lower back helps to relieve the pain syndrome, provides improved blood supply in the problem area. Exercise therapy helps even in the acute period. However, before performing a set of exercises to relieve severe lower back pain, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Exacerbation help

Standing on all fours, you need to gain full chest of air

It must be emphasized that in the acute period, doctors prohibit pumping up the muscles of the lower back! Both men and women at this time need to resist the load on the spine. A pumped, but sore back is a dubious achievement.

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Therefore, instead of exercises to strengthen the lower back, let’s say a complex that maximizes the load on the spinal column. If in the acute period the pain is unbearable, it is better to spend time in bed, and if you have to move, provide support for the problem area using a special corset. But you can also try to perform exercises against lower back pain:

  1. Lying on your back on a solid surface, legs should be hung freely down. Next, five calm deep breaths are performed and then slowly raise the body.
  2. Standing on all fours, it is necessary to gain a full chest of air, exhale, tighten the buttocks strongly and stay in this position for a couple of seconds.

Strengthen the muscles of the lower back not in the acute stage. But exercises to stretch the muscles of the spine can also be useful, if only the pain does not constrain the entire body, preventing even a calm breath. When stretched, the fibers relax, so that the developed lumbar ceases to hurt.

Why do I need to download the press

Download press

Against back pain, not only exercises for the sacrum and lower back are necessary. This vulnerable department is capable of supporting a well-inflated press. In addition, pumping up muscles in the abdomen, a good back stretch is achieved in parallel.

It is necessary to strengthen not only the lower back muscles to get rid of back pain. After all, if you work exclusively on the muscles of the back of the case, then the body literally skews. Therefore, to prevent curvature and to treat the lower back, with exercises, you should uniformly form the muscle corset – from all sides.

Inflate the lower back and abs should not be in the acute period! After relieving severe pain, you can proceed to the exercises:

  • lying on the back, hands are held near the chest, locked in a lock;
  • without lifting the lower back, it is necessary to bend in the chest;
  • the press is pumped, tearing off the shoulders and chest from the floor, performing up to 10 repetitions and about 2-3 approaches (depending on well-being).

If you manage to perform the exercise in such a sparing mode, you can go to the classic version. Hands locked in the lock are moved behind the head, shaking the press.

Complex for the back

Kitty Exercise for the Back

A very effective exercise that relieves pain in the lumbar region is considered “Kitty.” He is made of standing on all fours. You must first bend, lowering the abdomen as low as possible, literally reach for them to the floor, and pull your head up. The hip joint is fixed at this point, aimed towards the ceiling. Then they bend in the reverse order: the back goes up, the head goes down, and the buttocks are tightened.

Squats show good results for the sacral spine. However, they are not made in the acute stage: it is better to engage in preventative purposes so that your back does not hurt. Trained muscles will support the spine well, relieving stress from the vulnerable section. But you need to squat correctly:

  • standing in the position of the legs shoulder-width apart, hands behind the head in the lock, you need to take the pelvis back so that a deflection forms in the lower back;
  • then they slowly lower, bending their knees, until the angle between the thigh and lower leg is 90%;
  • after a couple of seconds, they return to their original position.

The exercise is repeated 10 times – for a beginner, this is enough. It is important to fully adhere to the technique. She assumes that the body when lowering does not lean back, does not loosen to the sides.

The correct technique.

Harder exercises

Exercise "Swimmer" for the back

If the back condition is deplorable, a sparing complex of simple exercises for the lower back should be done at least for a month. And only after that the task can be complicated. The easiest way is to pump your lower back in the gym. But with the desire and lack of opportunity to train with a specialist, it is quite possible to achieve good results at home.

An effective exercise with which you can pump your lower back is to pull the knee to the chest. Perform it from a standing position on all fours. One leg on the exhale should be stretched far back, and on the inhale pull up, touching the knee of the forehead. To effectively pump up the lumbar muscles, you can not sway when doing pull-ups.

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Another easy way to develop your back is with the Swimmer exercise. With it, you can pump up the lower back at home in a gentle way. The Swimmer is relatively simple:

  1. Lying on your stomach, arms and legs should be extended – the upper limbs are directed behind the head.
  2. Next, perform swings with arms and legs. At the same time, opposite limbs should work simultaneously. That is, raising the right hand up, the left foot should be opposed to it.

In order to feel the effect of pumping, you can not move mechanically. Machs should not be chaotic. It is necessary to listen to the sensations in the body, clearly feeling how the latissimus muscles and the rest of the departments work.

Bridge for the back

Exercise “Bridge” – a great option to work out your back and abs. Perform it from a supine position with legs bent at the knees. First, as you exhale, tear off the pelvis from the floor and lift it, tensing the muscles in the abdomen, lower back and priests. Returning the buttocks back, exhale and relax.

Hyperextension in the simulator

If you decide to thoroughly strengthen the lower back, you should sign up in the gym. Hyperextension is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the muscles of the lumbar. It should be done correctly:

  • the pelvis should lie half on the support;
  • the back should be kept in position so that there is a natural bend in the lumbar region;
  • when performing hyperextension, the spine must remain straight!

Alternatively, the exercise is performed while standing at home. True, it will not be so effective for muscle fibers. They start it from a standing position, legs shoulder-width apart, arms rest against the back at the waist.

On exhalation, you should lean back, while raising your shoulders, but not tearing your palms from the body. Then they return to their original position. Forward and backward movements should be slow so that the work of muscles is clearly felt.

Lifting the body with your hands behind your head is another home variant of hyperextension. Lying on his stomach, palms are connected to the castle, putting them on the back of the head. Then tear the body from the floor, lingering at the peak point. After the case is lowered to the floor and relax.


Plank back exercise

This exercise is best for the lower back, but only if it is correctly performed. With the right technique, you can effectively strengthen not only the back, but also the direct, internal and external oblique muscles of the abdomen.

It is necessary to stand with support on the elbows and on the socks, stretching the body into a string. It is especially important to straighten the body in the lower back, otherwise the whole point of the exercise is lost.

Taking a breath at the beginning of the bar, breathing should not be held. As for the lead time, an exercise for lower back pain will quickly show the result, if you stand at least a minute. But for a beginner, 30 seconds is enough. Gradually, the duration can be brought up to 2 minutes.

Lateral dynamic bar

This option is acceptable if a person has been engaged for at least a month according to a scheme that strengthens the lower back. Exercise is more effective, effectively strengthening muscle mass. But the complexity of such a bar is obvious. Perform it according to the following algorithm:

  • putting the right foot on its side, the right elbow rests on the floor – these are two reference points;
  • the pelvis is raised up so that it crosses a conditional straight line, which can be outlined from the heel to the back of the head;
  • then return to their original position, repeating the dynamic bar 10 times.

A competent and healthy approach to strengthening the lower back does not guarantee the fastest result. But the back, becoming stronger and more beautiful, will not cause trouble and will not cause discomfort.

If you exercise regularly, you will notice a general strengthening and tonic effect for the whole organism.

Author: Christopher Harris