Training program for girls in the gym

Training program for girls in the gym

The time has passed when intense sports and heavy shells belonged entirely to men. Representatives of the fair sex of different ages purchase subscriptions to fitness clubs not only before the holidays and the beach season, but with the goal of changing their lifestyle. Most of the women who practice regularly can be observed precisely in the rocking chair. For modern girls, the gym becomes a place where it is safe for health to burn excess fat and build muscle, build a harmonious, strong and healthy body.

The training program for girls in the gym differs from men’s classes in intensity and combination of exercises and should take into account:

  • level of physical fitness;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • features of physiology and anatomy;
  • the purpose of classes is loss of excess weight, drying, muscle building;
  • phase of the menstrual cycle.

A set of exercises for girls is a basic and modified movement, with a uniform load and a large number of repetitions.

Features of the female body

From an evolutionary point of view, the female program consists in procreation – anatomically and physiologically, the girl’s body is completely tuned to conceive, bear and give birth to children. Female body as opposed to male:

A woman and a man
  • seeks to accumulate nutrients in order to ensure the survival of themselves and the child, if necessary;
  • has fewer muscle fibers (myofibrils) and, as a result, less energy consumption;
  • contains more muscles in the lower body, also to protect the unborn child;
  • has weak neuromuscular connections in the abdomen to relieve menstrual and labor pains, so pumping up the lower press is more problematic;
  • characterized by a lower rate of metabolic processes;
  • able to better accumulate glycogen in the muscles, which is used during active loads;
  • turns carbohydrates into fat faster, creating reserves;
  • needs a fat layer that serves as a depot for sex hormones.

The dependence of training on the phase of the menstrual cycle

The girl’s functional training necessarily takes into account the periods of the menstrual cycle, during which tremendous hormonal and physiological changes are observed:

  • after menstruation, a new egg matures, a surge of strength and energy occurs, at this time you should deal with power loads;
  • after ovulation, about 10-16 days of the cycle before the start of the next menstruation, the body switches to energy saving;
  • in case conception occurred, the muscles need a lighter load during this period.
Workouts and the menstrual cycle

Depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle, women’s training should take place cyclically:

  • immediately after menstruation – power loads;
  • after ovulation – to ease the load on the legs and abs, you can go to aerobic exercises to burn fat.

Aerobic loads (running, brisk walking, biking) are effectively burned fat for 30-50 minutes while maintaining a heart rate of 110-130 beats per minute.

The benefits of exercising in the gym

Women’s training consists of aerobic and strength training, which requires a venue and sports equipment. Effectively lose weight and build muscle helps the following factors:

  • proper balanced nutrition;
  • drinking regimen;
  • full sleep and rest;
  • competent training.

This can be achieved in the gym and doing at home, the main thing is to choose adequate competent physical activity. To do this, you must have the necessary knowledge, ensure the availability of sports equipment and master the correct technique. The regularity of exercise depends on the level of self-discipline.

Exercises in the gym, the availability of equipment of varying degrees of difficulty and expert advice greatly facilitate this task.

Why is gym a priority

Gym Activities

Advantages of women doing gym exercises in the gym:

  • the possibility of training under the supervision of a trainer who will draw up a training and nutrition program in accordance with needs;
  • comfortable conditions – air conditioning and air temperature;
  • simulators allow you to effectively perform “female exercises”, for example, on the inner surface of the thigh and triceps;
  • the ability to gradually increase the load;
  • a wide variety of strength and aerobic activities.

A set of exercises in the gym for girls allows you to build the right workout, enjoy classes and achieve an effective result.

Training objectives and program features

Girls come to the rocking chair for various reasons:

  • lose weight and burn excess fat;
  • increase the muscles of certain groups, for example, gluteal;
  • prepare the body for a vacation on the beach;
  • increase stamina and strength;
  • bring the body in good physical shape;
  • prepare for the competition.
Weight Training Exercises In The Gym

Depending on the ultimate goal, women’s training will consist of various combinations of basic exercises and aerobic exercise. The weight loss program in the gym for girls consists of a part of cardio, exercises on the arms, legs, back and abs. Circular and multi-joint exercises for the whole body are also used.

The training program for mass gain in the gym consists of the same exercises as for men modified for a female physique. Experts recommend using a large number of repetitions and approaches, but less weight.

Training program for the weaker sex

Proper female training helps increase stamina and strength, burn excess fat, build muscle and get a traced relief. Experts agreed that training for women should not consist of split exercises, when there is a load on a particular muscle group. The best option includes basic exercises for girls over the whole body.

Due to the different levels of endurance and effectiveness in different phases of the menstrual cycle, it is recommended for girls to use separate workouts in the gym: strengthened in the first two weeks of the cycle and facilitated after ovulation.

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Types of Training

Fitness programs for girls depend on the ultimate goal and are divided into types:

Fitness Workouts
  • for weight loss;
  • for gaining muscle mass;
  • drying;
  • maintaining active fitness.

Where to begin

Each fitness center and gym provides customers with acquaintance with trainers, services and territory. An introductory lesson for a girl accompanied by a trainer is necessary in order to find out the level of physical fitness, draw up a lesson plan, and clarify the sequence of exercises.

The first training of girls is devoted to studying the technique of performing exercises, which will allow you to safely engage in and do without injuries. On average, it takes about 4 weeks to get comfortable in the gym. After studying the basics and basic exercises, you can engage in a gym without a coach, independently adjusting the level of loads.

Training program for a month

The standard monthly program for girls consists of two parts. The period immediately after menstruation includes increased loads, the second part is lightweight, without exercise on the lower body and abdominal muscles. Each full workout for women consists of:

  • warm-ups;
  • cardio loads;
  • the main part;
  • hitches;
  • stretch marks.

Power training

The weekly strength program for girls includes 3-4 classes lasting 50-90 minutes, depending on the number of approaches, repetitions and time for rest. So much time must elapse between workouts for the muscles to recover, it can take 1-3 days, depending on the intensity of the load.

Strength Training Scheme

Part of the workoutExercisePerformance
Warm upJoint exercisesSlow circular motion of the joints from top to bottom – neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, pelvis, knees, feet.
Cardio loadMedium Pace, Bicycle, EllipsoidPulse not lower than 110-130 beats per minute, 15 minutes
Main partSquats5 sets of 15 times
Vertical link rod5 sets of 15 times
Bench press5-6 sets of 15 times
Chin rod5-6 sets of 15 times
Twisting4 sets maximum number of times
HitchCardio10 minutes, pulse 120
StretchingTilts, arms rotation, lunges5-10 minutes
Running on a treadmill

Such training is suitable for beginners, if you reduce the number of approaches and working weight. With increased stamina, training can be complicated.

Description of basic strength training exercises

The correct technique is necessary to avoid injuries and guarantees the effectiveness of exercises. It is better to perform fewer approaches and repetitions, but correctly, than to chase quantity.


Strengthen the hips and buttocks, beginners use bodybar, advanced athletes choose the appropriate weight for pancakes.

Fulfillment: legs shoulder-width apart, the bar is set on the shoulders and crouches, keeping the back straight. The knees should not protrude beyond the level of the feet. The upper body moves forward and the body weight falls on the heels. Having reached the bottom point, you should linger for a couple of seconds and rise to its original position.

Vertical link rod

Used to pump the upper back. Fulfillment: choose a suitable weight, take a starting position with a flat back, hands on the holder are set wide. The holder must be pulled with force toward you, closer to the chest and gently return up.

Bench press

Trains the muscles of the arms, shoulder girdle and chest. Fulfillment: prepare the bar, take a position on the bench, place your hands wider than your shoulders. The projectile lowers to chest level and exhale rises to its original position.

Bench press

Chin rod

Strengthens the muscles of the back, chest, arms and shoulder girdle. Fulfillment: to take the starting position, the bar is mounted on the floor, grabbed from above at a distance slightly wider than the shoulders, straighten the back and hold the bar at the level of the hips, arms are slightly bent at the elbows. On the exhale, pull the barbell to the chin, elbows pointing up and to the sides, at the highest point are above the shoulders. You need to linger for a few seconds and return to its original position.


An inclined bench is used in the hall; options with raised or lowered legs bent at the knees are possible. Fulfillment: from the initial position by the force of the abdominal muscles on the exhale lift the body, twisting the back. At the top point, you should linger and lower down on inhalation.

Exercises in the second half of the cycle

After ovulation, endurance is significantly reduced and other exercises are used that exclude a large load on the lower body. The training scheme does not change, it includes all the same required parts – warm-up, cardio, base, hitch and stretching. Only the exercises change, their total number, as well as the number of approaches. More time is devoted to cardio and stretching.

Lite Workout Exercises

Horizontal traction3-4 sets of 15-20 times
Dumbbell Dumbbell Breeding3-4 sets of 15-20 times
Dumbbell Arm Curl3-4 sets of 15-20 times

Description of the basic exercises of the lightweight part

Horizontal traction

The upper body is trained, the main attention is paid to the muscles of the hands – biceps and triceps, back, chest and shoulder girdle. The weight of the shells is reduced, multi-repetition allows the formation of plastic muscles and increases endurance. With each repetition, the weight of the projectile can be reduced to comply with the correct execution technique.

Horizontal traction

Work is carried out on the back muscles, the lower block and the V-shaped handle are used. Fulfillment: the initial position is occupied, resting the feet on the platform, slightly bending the knees; straight back, chest forward. As you exhale, your elbows bend and pull the block toward you toward your stomach. After a delay of 2-3 seconds on inspiration, the block is calmly released until the arms are level.

Dumbbell Dumbbell Breeding

It is used to work on the deltoid muscles, exists in various variations – standing, sitting. Small dumbbells are used, it is better to control the correct technique in front of the mirror.

Fulfillment: in a starting position, stand straight, feet slightly wider than shoulders, bend your knees slightly and lean your body parallel to the floor, your back is straight. As you exhale, raise your arms with dumbbells upward, pointing your elbows toward the ceiling, linger at the top point and lower your arms as you inhale.

Dumbbell Arm Curl

Dumbbell Arm Curl

Biceps exercise, used in various variations – sitting, standing, lying down. Use light weight dumbbells.

Performing alternate bending of the arms while standing: in the starting position of the foot at shoulder width, hands are directed towards the body. On exhalation, the left and right arms are bent in turn with fixation for a couple of seconds at the top point, straining the biceps. As you exhale, your hands drop down. Elbows are free.

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For weight loss

The peculiarities of girls training are that in order to achieve a diametrically opposite result, the same exercises are used in the gym, the only difference is in nutrition:

  • effective weight loss requires proper nutrition with a calorie deficit;
  • for weight gain – an increase in calorie intake by 20%.

For beginners

The program for beginner girls is aimed at increasing endurance and muscle strength. The simplest scheme includes a warm-up, base and hitch. As a warm-up, running at an average pace is performed, walking for up to 10 minutes. Basic exercises:

  • Squats
  • push ups;
  • dumbbell bench press;
  • Circular training on the press.
Dumbbell bench press

The hitch consists of cardio and stretching those muscle groups that are actively working. Initial training should take place at an average pace and last 40-50 minutes, 3 times a week, preference is given to working with your own weight or small dumbbells.

Cardio Workout

The warm-up for girls consists of stretching and cardio. Stretching prepares joints and ligaments for active movements, cardio-loading increases the heart rate per minute, strengthens the muscles and the cardiovascular system. The main task of cardio is to increase the percentage of oxygen in the blood, which enhances fat burning. For this, simulators are used:

  • treadmill – for the cardiovascular system, muscles of the lower body;
  • stepper;
  • bicycle – relieves stress from the knees, trains the muscles of the buttocks and hips;
  • ellipsoid – training on the top and bottom, includes arms, shoulder girdle and legs.

Each simulator has its own advantages – which muscle groups are most involved, the level of load. For weight loss, you should do it for 15 to 30 minutes, observing a heart rate of 110-130 beats per minute. During cardio, you should reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet and increase protein.

Main exercises

Dumbbell bench press

Gym professionals recommend using exercise routines for girls that use large muscles for two reasons:

  • muscle tissue burns more calories;
  • strong muscles form a raised body.

The best exercises for women in the gym on the lower body are various types of squats and lunges, using dumbbells or barbells. In this part of the body are large muscle groups that “consume” a lot of calories. The development of the legs and buttocks helps burn excess fat.

When doing independent exercises in the gym, girls are advised to follow the correct technique and combine exercises in the mirror. For efficiency and progress it is necessary to increase the weight of dumbbells and barbells.

For weight gain

A set of muscle mass occurs with an increase in daily diet by 20% and an increase in the total amount of protein that is used to build muscles. Strength training for girls is aimed at the main weak points – arms, chest, hips, buttocks.


A training program for beginner girls helps to learn the technique of execution and prepare the muscles for exertion, gradually increasing the weight of the simulators.

Training for beginners

Beginner’s Exemplary Training Scheme

CardioAt an average pace, 15-20 minutes
Dumbbell Breeding3 sets of 15 times
Bench press3 sets of 10 times
Crossover Hands3 sets of 10 times
Horizontal traction3 sets of 10 times
Twisting4 sets of 10 times
Caradio10 minutes
Stretching10 minutes

How to build muscle

Leg press

Women’s strength training program helps shape strong, taut arms, a flat stomach, slim waist, elastic buttocks and slender hips. Features of women’s training – the dependence of the intensity of training and a combination of exercises on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Strength exercises of girls are performed in 4-5 approaches with the number of repetitions of 10-20 times and the minimum time for rest.

Basic exercises (base) for girls:

  • for arms and back – push-ups, dumbbell press, pull in the block, pull of the vertical block, bench press, lifting the bar to the chin;
  • on the buttocks and legs – squats with a barbell on the shoulders, lunges with dumbbells, leg press sitting in a frame;
  • on the chest – push-ups, dumbbell presses, arms with dumbbells lying down.

Untrained girls should not use large weights, it is better to focus on the most correct execution of the exercise. Many repetitions with small weights give greater efficiency.


An effective way to pump up the abdominal muscles is to use a circular training session that involves 2-3 exercises that are performed in a circle one after another with a short rest break. For instance:

  • twisting on a bench with an inclination down;
  • raising legs with emphasis on the elbows;
  • hyperextension.
Classes on hyperextension

The press is involved in almost all basic exercises, so training 2-3 times a week will be enough. Or include 1 exercise in each workout.

Keeping fit

It has long been proven that a sedentary lifestyle leads to many chronic diseases. Classes in the gym help maintain the body in good physical shape, improve the psycho-emotional state and the body’s defenses.

For beginners

You should start training with gentle training lasting 40-50 minutes. Fitness program for beginners includes:

  • cardio loads on simulators 15 minutes;
  • basic exercises on arms, back, legs and abs – 5 exercises of 2-3 approaches, with an average number of repetitions, in each approach there will be from 10 to 15;
  • cardio hitch and stretch marks for 10 minutes.

Standard circuit

A productive system of classes in the gym for girls will be a week with 3 training days and 3 days of rest, one day can be devoted to relaxation and stretching – massage, yoga. Top training for girls includes exercises with dumbbells and a barbell, and for the lower body, the most effective exercises are classic squats with different settings for the width of the legs and lunges.

Yoga classes

An example of training girls

Part of the workoutExercisePerformance
Warm upJoint exercisesSlow circular motion of the joints from top to bottom – neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, pelvis, knees, feet.
Cardio loadMedium Pace, Bicycle, EllipsoidPulse not lower than 110-130 beats per minute, 15 minutes
Main partUpper Block Rod3 sets of 10 times
Leg extension in the simulator3 sets of 10 times
Leg press3 sets of 12 times
Twisting2 sets maximum amount
Hyperextension3 sets of 15 times
HitchCardio10 minutes, pulse 120
StretchingTilts, arms rotation, lunges5-10 minutes


Cardio training on the simulator

For those who do not favor dumbbells and barbells, there are exercise machines that give a load to large or isolated muscle groups. A set of exercises on simulators for beginner women includes cardio and weight training. The most suitable option is a circular training, which consists of 4-5 exercises for different muscle groups.

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The correct exercise order:

  • cardio;
  • back;
  • chest;
  • shoulders
  • press;
  • lower body.

The sports program consists of 2-3 such circles.

Effective training for women can be made using weighting materials for the lower extremities, with which swings and leg abductions are performed. Such loads are suitable for women in initial training.

The main debate on the topic

It is not easy for girls to decide to start exercising in the gym due to prejudices and myths about exercise, hormones and heavy iron. But well-designed training programs for girls allow you to burn excess fat and build muscle in the right places, and special programs for beginners are carefully introduced into the world of sports. In any case, a girl is better at the gym than spending a lazy lifestyle on the couch. Personal trainers take into account all the physiological and anatomy features of women and help compose effective classes.

Fear of pumping

Treadmill lesson

The main fear of the girls is the fear of overdoing and acquiring a caricaturely inflated masculine figure. In fact, pumping up to a huge size, using only simulators for women, is unrealistic due to the low content of testosterone in the blood. Professional athletes use special sports nutrition and muscle growth supplements. For women, regular exercise in the gym is threatened by the absence of excess weight and a fit athletic figure.

Right training

A harmoniously developed figure is formed during combined training and proper nutrition. It is necessary to draw up a training program for girls in such a way that part of the session is occupied by cardio loads, and basic exercises involve all major muscle groups.

The lesson plan for girls for a week includes 3-4 training days:

  • on the upper body;
  • lower body;
  • press.

Foot day

The program for women is the classic base, but using small weights of dumbbells and barbells. For example, a daily foot program might look like this:

Leg Press Woman
  • any kind of cardio 15 minutes;
  • leg extension in the simulator, 3 sets of 10 times;
  • leg press, 3 sets of 10 times;
  • breeding and mixing legs in the simulator, 3 sets of 20 times;
  • abduction of legs with weighting, 3 sets of 20 times;
  • cardio 10 minutes;
  • stretching.

The list of girls’s exercises can be supplemented and combined, broken down into groups or the whole body used.

How many sets, how many reps

The training plan in the gym consists of separate exercises consisting of repetitions and approaches. Repeat is a single exercise, the approach is a group of repetitions without stops and rest. The number of repetitions and approaches depends on such parameters:

  • entry level training;
  • difficulty exercises;
  • weight training equipment;
  • phases of the menstrual cycle.

The right number of reps and sets

Approaches and relaxation in the gym

The training schedule for girls should take into account physiological characteristics and transfer the main strength exercises to the first half of the cycle. You should start with the weight of the simulators, which allows you to perform 15 repetitions in the first approach. Always tune in for better results and strive to do more reps. If it becomes too easy – increase weight or complicate the exercise, replace it with another. Trained girls perform 5-6 sets of 15 reps.

Rest between sets should not be too big, 30-60 seconds is enough. Muscles grow with adequate exercise and oxygen debt.

Barbell or dumbbell

The set of exercises in the gym for women includes exercises with a barbell and dumbbells of different weights, which are necessary to build a healthy and strong body. The advantages of these simulators for girls:

  • a tightened strong body is formed;
  • passive calorie burning increases;
  • the bone system is strengthened;
  • psychological changes – increasing self-confidence.

Proper training of the girls will help the competent preparation of the training and the use of multi-joint exercises with dumbbells. For beginner women, the training center consists of exercises with dumbbells and a light barbell – squats, lunges, bench presses, lifting the barbell with different arms.

How to eat if you go to the gym

Nutrition and training

Training in the gym will be ineffective without a proper and balanced diet. Meals must be adjusted to their loads according to two criteria:

  • calorie content – for weight loss with a lack of energy, for weight gain with a surplus;
  • ratio of nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Strength training of girls leads to the loss of calories and the destruction of protein molecules in the muscles. For their recovery and synthesis of new fibers, it is necessary to increase the intake of proteins with food and limit the amount of fast carbohydrates.

Nutrient ratio options for girls with different loads:

  • 40-50% protein, 30-40% fat, 10-20% complex carbohydrates are needed for weight loss;
  • for weight gain – 35% protein, 50% carbohydrates, 15% fat.

Those who exercise properly in the gym need to follow a complete diet with enough protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and water. On training days, the amount of water recommended to increase to restore the water-salt balance.

Do I need to drink weight gainers and proteins

Manufacturers of sports nutrition offer a wide range of products with different composition, which helps to replenish stocks of nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. This allows you to increase strength and endurance, increase muscle mass and recover faster during intense training.



Weight gainers are carbohydrate-protein mixtures that contribute to the rapid gain in muscle mass. Carbohydrates supply the body with energy, and proteins build muscle cells. If the training program for girls in the gym is aimed at increasing mass, then the use of gainers will increase the effectiveness of classes.


Proteins are protein mixtures that are used during intense power loads to restore muscle during weight loss, drying and weight gain. A gentle program for beginners allows the body to compensate for the loss of nutrients and energy through nutrition, complex training schemes lead to significant losses of protein, which is easier to use in the form of supplements. Especially if the training time is late enough for a normal dinner, and it can be replaced with a protein shake.

These mixtures do not contain hormones or dietary supplements and are made from natural raw materials. Girls and women can take sports supplements without harm to their health or danger of pumping.

Conclusions: what is worth remembering

A fitness program for women should consist of cardio and weight training, with alternating training days and rest periods for muscle recovery. A well-designed program combining exercises for various muscle groups with a warm-up and a hitch will help to engage correctly in a room or at home. You should also pay attention to your diet and drinking regimen.

Nutrition, water and training

Compared to rocking classes, aerobics, a classic program for women, gives less load and energy costs. Strong and developed muscles after strength training burn more fat even during the rest period. A harmonious and sculpted body is a worthy result of regular and active classes in the gym.

How long to do and when to wait for the result

Proper training can show tangible results 6-8 weeks after the start of classes. This can be checked using a mirror, scales and a centimeter tape. Most of the muscles in women are located in the lower part of the body, so most likely changes are observed in this zone. In second place in the speed of the result are the muscles of the hands, namely the biceps. The most recent cubes appear on the abdomen, when the percentage of fat in the body is significantly reduced.

When training on your own, pay attention to your well-being, speed of recovery after exercise, muscle pain and tension, and the adequacy of power loads. Do not feel sorry for yourself and do your best, but excessive loads will not accelerate weight loss or muscle gain. You can view the full course of training from the video.

Classes in the gym are an effective way to lose weight and gain feminine relief forms. Do not be afraid of iron, loads and exercises. A well-designed workout will help increase physical activity, improve health and increase self-esteem.

Author: Christopher Harris