What to eat at night

What to eat at night

Turkish wisdom says: “Breakfast is gold, lunch is silver, dinner is copper.” And nutritionists agree with this expression. In the morning you need to eat fully in order to recharge your batteries at least before lunch. Evening overeating is fraught not only with deposits of fat reserves. At night, the body has cleansing and restoration processes. Late dinner instead forces all the strength to throw the digestive system to work.

Can I eat at night

More recently, people who were struggling with being overweight or were afraid to get fat were sure that eating before bedtime was a clear evil. Unshakable seemed the rule not to eat at night – namely, after six in the evening. However, it is necessary to say goodbye to faith in it.

For the human body, it is very important to observe a certain rhythm and intervals between meals. Therefore, eating is allowed at night, but on condition that from the last meal to bedtime – at least one and a half hours. Look at the clock and rush to stuff your stomach until the hands stopped at 6 p.m. incorrectly in the modern way of life, when most people go to bed closer to midnight.

Nutritionist Opinion About Night Food

Nutritionists claim that you can and should even eat in the evening in order to lose weight. It is best if the interval from dinner to breakfast is 12 hours. In this case, the body’s work is optimized: he manages to complete the tasks that are assigned to him during the night.

You shouldn’t starve yourself, but you don’t need to go to bed with a full stomach – this is the main rule that experts recommend following with proper nutrition. Its effectiveness is confirmed by slender people who claim that they eat at night and do not get fat.

Interestingly, the effect of losing weight can be seen by simply adjusting the nutrition on schedule. It’s worth having a good habit to have breakfast, lunch on time, eat something in the evening – and the centimeters will begin to melt. Naturally, provided that the menu consists of products that meet the principles of proper nutrition.

Harm from eating food at night

It is necessary to focus on the daily regimen and try to observe it, because the body gets used to eating at the same time. Alas, with a modern lifestyle, eating dense food at night becomes a rule for the simple reason that a person does not really eat during the day. In the best case, there is a breakfast and lunch on a “floating” schedule, and in the worst there are harmful snacks when it works.

As a result, by the evening the body is deficient in nutrients, and people feel a brutal appetite. Abundant food before bedtime not only affects the appearance – going to bed with a full stomach is harmful:

Lack of hormone promotes hormone development
  1. If you eat at night, then melatonin will not be produced – a hormone that prevents aging, promotes the synthesis of serotonin. Lack of the latter leads to a slowdown in thought processes, a deterioration in mood, and the development of depression.
  2. Due to a tight snack at night, a person does not get enough sleep. A feeling of heaviness in the stomach, heartburn – not the best sleep companions.
  3. When the digestive system is active all night, immunity is reduced. It is worth remembering that the small intestine is one of the immune organs in which lymphoid tissue, working on the principle of tonsils, is concentrated.

Ample evening food makes itself felt in the mornings, lethargy, pallor of the skin, bags under the eyes. Indeed, because of a hearty dinner, the body did not rest, did not recover and did not pass self-cleaning, as it should happen if you go to bed with a slight feeling of hunger.

The principle of the “golden mean”

Nutritionists, somnologists and other specialists emphasize that you can not rush to extremes. Children and young people (under 25 years old) need bedtime meals. Their metabolic processes are very fast, the body has a strong need for nutrients.

Going to bed with a strong feeling of hunger is not worth anyone. If there is a history of gastritis, an ulcer, then you should definitely have a snack in the evening, in order to prevent deterioration of health.

Sleep with a slight feeling of hunger

When there are no special deviations in the functioning of the organs, it is better to go to bed with a slight feeling of hunger. It occurs if the last meal is not at night, but 1.5-2 hours before bedtime. What happens in the body in this case:

  • receiving a signal that you need to eat, tissues process fat, saving blood sugar;
  • with a slight sensation of hunger, the processes of elimination of toxins, the synthesis of valuable hormones and new cells are launched.
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It is very important to listen to your own health. At the same time, do not follow your appetite if in the evening you want to have a bite to eat: having survived such a provocation, you will probably be able to fall asleep more firmly. True, there are people who complain that even a slight hunger is the main enemy of sleep. In this case, it is better to eat something, but in moderation and without excess calories.

Strive to build a nutritional schedule, starting from your own daily routine. If you do not over-eat heavily at night, but also do not starve before bedtime, then you can not be afraid of gaining extra pounds. At the same time, there will be a noticeable improvement in well-being: in the morning a person will get up, full of strength and energy, with a healthy appetite.

What can I eat in the evening with weight loss

A complete rejection of dinner, especially harsh, is stress for the body. Accustomed to eating well before bedtime, you can not starve! From this, you definitely can’t lose weight, and even vice versa, you can get fat. The fact is that the body will perceive the unexpected hunger strike in a specific way: it will “decide” that it is necessary to stock up on a “rainy day”, forming a fat layer. It’s right not to refuse dinner, but to eat on the principle of a healthy diet.

Cook food overnight

Before going to bed, you can eat dishes that are steamed or cooked. It is better to refuse fried, as well as salty or pepper. This is important both for the prevention of obesity and for health.

At the initial stage, switching to a healthy and balanced diet, a person can feel brutal hunger after the last meal, if he cut calories and left him to sleep one and a half to two hours. Then you can eat some products at night, from which extra centimeters will not appear:

  • a handful of nuts;
  • yogurt and one fruit;
  • a glass of warm milk with honey.

In the evening, when losing weight, you can eat protein food, trying to avoid carbohydrates and fats. Of course, it is unlikely that they can be completely eliminated, and it is not necessary to set such a goal. In order not to recover and feel full of energy and energy in the morning, it is enough if proteins dominate in the dinner, and carbohydrates and fats are minimized.

Calories and Digestibility

No need to be afraid to get better eating in the evenings. Remember that not only the calorie content of the dinner is important. The rate of assimilation of products is different: at night you can eat something light – food that does not lie in the stomach with a heavy load.

In different ways, you should choose dinner and a snack just before bedtime, if there is a need for it. The following foods are acceptable one and a half to two hours before bedtime, which can be eaten in the evening so as not to get better:

Foods to Eat at Night
  • eggs – scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled soft-boiled, hard-boiled;
  • meat (nonfat);
  • fish and seafood;
  • vegetables (excluding corn, potatoes);
  • pure cottage cheese, casserole, cheesecakes.

Directly at night, in order to lose weight, they eat something that can kill the brutal hunger, but will not be digested for a long time. Unsalted raw almonds are great. But you can eat it 20 things, no more.

Despite the fact that fruits contain both carbohydrates and sugar, some tasty fruits are also eaten at night, not worrying about being overweight. For example, tangerines – a couple of pieces, grapefruit – it’s large, it’s enough to eat half.

Before going to bed, you should forget about fast carbohydrates, therefore, to lose weight, you do not need to eat cereals, sweet, flour in the evening.

Protein food is the best choice for dinner

Eating meat at night is a good solution, unless the product is greasy. Protein dinner is great for dieting, as it does not lay on the sides in the form of folds. But for weight loss, you should adhere to two important principles when preparing dinner:

  • eat no more than 300 g for women and 400 for men;
  • calorie intake should be 300-400 kcal.
Protein Dinner Products

In the evening, you can eat fish, chicken and lean beef or pork. Cottage cheese is perfect. The secret of its digestibility – it contains casein protein, which is slowly broken down, nourishes the body well, does not interfere with healthy sleep and does not threaten body fat. You can eat other sour-milk products in the evenings. It is only necessary to monitor fat content: it should be less than 8 percent.

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You can also have dinner with eggs, but they are harder to digest. If you want scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs, then this should not be a snack right before bedtime.

Fruit in the evening

Nutritionists can not give a definite answer to the question: is it possible to eat fruit at night. The fruits are different in calories. Some fruits can be eaten at night, but in moderation. Others should not be eaten either at bedtime or during the day if the goal is to lose weight.

If there is fruit at night, then in moderation. To fool the hunger, the fruit should be cut into thin slices, and each piece is very carefully chewed. You can eat 1-2 medium-sized fruits at night. An excellent alternative is berries that are no less rich in vitamins and amino acids, but fairly low in calories.

From fruits in the evenings you can eat apples, pears, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit. These fruits are characterized by low energy value. It is harmful at night to eat citrus fruits for people with gastritis, an ulcer. Such fruits in the evening will increase the acidity of the stomach due to the high acid content in the composition.

Fruits to eat in the evening

It is not recommended to have a banana snack on PP; this fruit is high-calorie. Especially you can’t eat such fruits at night if they are ripe – with a brown or spotted skin. They contain especially a lot of sugar. Instead, you can eat these fruits at night with weight loss:

  • mango – easily digested, without irritating the mucous membranes of the digestive organs;
  • pineapple – has a fat-burning effect, but has the ability to increase acidity;
  • figs – saturates and eliminates the feeling of hunger.

If you want to eat pineapple in the evening, you need to remember that, contributing to weight loss, this fruit arouses appetite. Figs can not be eaten in the form of dried fruits, because in this form they are high-calorie.

In the evening, you can eat such an amazing fruit as avocado. It will benefit the body, thanks to its valuable composition. This fruit is also very satisfying, as it is rich in easily digestible fats. It is interesting that such fruits can and should be eaten while losing weight – an avocado burns fat accumulations and contributes to their withdrawal.

Vegetables before bedtime

A light salad before bedtime is a great solution. Vegetable dishes are not forbidden, it is only important to know that there are fruits that contribute to weight loss, while others are able to whet your appetite and even put off folds on the sides.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Losing weight should exclude from the evening menu potatoes, corn, which contain a lot of starch. Without harm to the figure, you can eat cabbage – different types of this vegetable will do, but the best option is broccoli or cauliflower.

It is good to eat leafy salads in the evenings. It is better not to heat the vegetables: you need to eat them fresh in order to extract maximum vitamins and minerals for the body. If you need dressing for a dish, you should choose unrefined vegetable oils or low-fat sour cream, natural yogurt.

Nuts or seeds

Natural gifts such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds, nuts are of high value. They are good for health because they contain oils, vegetable protein, and vitamins. However, you need to figure out if you can eat nuts and seeds at night.

Without even analyzing the chemical composition and calorie content, it is easy to say that these products are quite nutritious and satisfying. And really – just a glass of seeds can replace a full dinner, so the measure is very important. Nuts and seeds can be eaten at night, but in small quantities.

Such evening snacks should not be abused. If you allow yourself nuts or seeds, then sometimes, and not every day. You can eat them at night no more than a handful.


Carbohydrates at night

To adhere to the diet, losing weight is absolutely necessary for the diet to be balanced, and not to have one thought in my head in the evening – what would I eat. When a feeling of hunger sets in, it is difficult to avoid the temptation and not to eat simple carbohydrates – sweets, rolls. They deceptively interrupt the appetite, as a result, extra centimeters are formed on the waist.

Losing weight at night, if there are carbohydrates, then only high-quality ones – buckwheat, oats, quinoa. Do not forget about bran – they are more useful for weight loss than cereals. This is a low-calorie product that has an adsorbing effect. Thanks to this, the bran gently, gently cleanses the body

By the way, you can’t be afraid to get fat if you eat a small piece of dark chocolate for dinner. It has relatively little sugar, it is satisfying, improves mood and lowers blood pressure. But we are talking only about bitter chocolate: popular bars with nuts and other additives are better not to eat in the evening, they get better.

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Milk products

According to nutritionists, almost any milk-based product can be eaten at night without harm to health and shape. Just do not forget about the principles of proper nutrition:

  • priority for products with a low percentage of fat;
  • it is necessary to adhere to the recommended serving size;
  • better to eat at least an hour before bedtime.
Natural yogurt

If we talk about the preferred options for losing weight, then at night you can and should drink yogurt or low fat kefir. It should be natural, without sugar and flavors. Yogurt at night is already beneficial in that it improves bowel function. Such a product contains a sufficient amount of protein, gives a feeling of fullness. Still in sour milk there is an amino acid tryptophan, which promotes sound sleep.

Instead of yogurt, you can drink a glass of milk with honey. Such a light snack is well absorbed, contributing to a quick fall asleep. Sour cream for the night will not be the best option. If you eat it, then only in a small amount, controlling fat content. For example, you can eat sour cream as part of a vegetable salad.

Quite controversial is the question of whether to eat cheese at night. On the one hand, the product is rich in calcium, a large amount of protein. On the other, it has a lot of calories. Therefore, if there is cheese in the evening, then only low-calorie and in small quantities. The best option is to make a salad of fresh vegetables with it.

What you can not eat at night

In the evening, neither oily nor spicy foods are needed at all. The harm from it will already be that with a tightly stuffed stomach it is difficult to fall asleep. In addition, fatty while losing weight can not be eaten either at night or during the day: such products slow down the metabolism, contributing to the appearance of extra pounds. Acute provokes appetite.

In order to not get better, in the evening you can eat some carbohydrates in combination with protein, but not in the form of sweets. Legumes and cereals are also banned. They can not be eaten in the evening, because they are rich in carbohydrates.

Can I drink water at night with weight loss

Highly recommending that everyone who is losing weight observe a drinking regimen, nutritionists do not recommend drinking a lot at night. It is better that the fluid leaves the body, and the kidneys rest at night.

For weight loss, you need to drink at least one and a half liters of pure water during the day. It is better to do this with frequent approaches and in small portions. If it was not possible to drink the right amount before evening, you should no longer rush to make up for the lack of liquid. It is better to set such a goal the next day, and before going to bed, afford no more than a glass of clean water.

Principles of Late Dinner

The main rule that you should adhere to is that the evening menu can and should be varied.

It is better to plan your last meal in advance. But if you can’t fall asleep without a late dinner, the list should include products that do not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, quickly saturate and assimilate without creating a “fat” depot.

Fish with lemon at night

It’s not worth it to set a rigid framework for yourself, absorbing non-fat dry cottage cheese without additives for weight loss. If you add a handful of berries and a spoonful of sour cream to it, the dish will be eaten with pleasure, and its caloric value will change insignificantly.

When creating a menu for a healthy dinner, it is worth remembering the principles of combining products. Adhering to simple and understandable rules, it will be possible to make the evening meal as useful and completely non-burdensome:

  • meat or fish should be eaten with lemon – this is how fats are more effectively broken down;
  • vegetables perfectly complement cereals – thanks to this, it is possible to saturate the body optimally with vitamins, minerals;
  • pure milk is best consumed separately from other foods;
  • if you have proteins and carbohydrates together, it is difficult to avoid bloating.

Even with weight loss, one should distinguish between thirst and hunger. Sometimes in the evening it seems that you need to eat something to quench a brutal appetite. Perhaps the body does not have enough fluid – a glass of milk or tea is enough to fall asleep calmly.

Forming a menu for weight loss, for dinner, as for other meals, it is worth choosing healthy natural dishes without flavors. It is important to remember that low quality products in and of themselves can lead to problems with both weight and health.

Author: Christopher Harris